Gold and Equestrian Members - Legally Recognised Activities 

The list of Countryside Alliance legally recognised activities, including taking part, officiating, assisting and spectating by Gold and Equestrian Members is:

1. Equestrian Activity:

  • Taking part in riding and control of a Horse or a Horse Drawn Vehicle and Your direct participation in equestrian activities (apart from those listed under Exclusions).
  • Taking part in any affiliated horse related equine activity, training or event organized by or affiliated to British Eventing, British Dressage, British Showjumping, the British Show Horse Association, British Driving Society, British Carriage driving and Endurance GB
  • Participant to Participant Liability during film, television or other media work, historical re-enactments and demonstrations, horseball, horse racing (amateur or professional), team chasing, hunt scurries, hunt cross country challenges, horsedrawn vehicle/carriage driving, polo, polocrosse, stunt or trick riding, tent pegging, jousting and any other mounted games involving lances, swords and/or pointed and edged weapons, and other equestrian contact sports.

2. Projectile Sports

  • Sporting shooting 
  • Clay target shooting 
  • Rifle and target shooting 
  • Archery
  • Coursing
  • Deer stalking
  • There is no cover for shooting of any kind taking place in the USA or Canada
  • It is not legal to course in the UK, although it is legal in Ireland under some conditions. Contact us for more information

3. Working with Animals and Birds

  • Dog shows
  • Falconry
  • Lurcher work
  • Whippet racing
  • Ferreting
  • Field trials
  • Hound trailing
  • Terrier work
  • Vermin control
  • Exercising hounds
  • Damage or injury caused by one member to another member is excluded where such member is entitled to an indemnity under any other insurance policy at the time of the incident

4. Angling

  • Including sea, coarse and game fishing

5. Other Activities

  • Fundraising (unless specifically excluded)
  • Conservation work
  • Voluntary work at shows and events
  • Fundraising activities, which include bungee jumping or activities involving bungee ropes or cords, fireworks or other forms of pyrotechnics, rock climbing, mountaineering or orienteering, obstacle courses, “It’s a Knockout” type competitions, swimming or diving in any body of water including swimming, baths, pools, ponds, lakes, rivers and the sea

6. Ancillary Activities