Gold and Equestrian Members Ancillary Activities 

A privilege of Gold and Equestrian Membership is that the recognised horse riding and hunting activities are much wider.  A full list of permissible ancillary activities is:

Clay Pigeon Shooting

  • Setting up of shooting courses 
  • Setting up of clay traps, operating and filling them 
  • Instructor led tuition and training for non-shooters and beginners 
  • Holding meetings with members or courses needed such as safety courses or training


  • Husbandry of birds in care 
  • Keeping and training of dogs/ferrets
  • Management of habitat to promote suitable quarry 
  • Promotion of the sport at various country and game fairs

Deer Stalking

  • Quad biking to remove carcasses 
  • Counting deer at night with the aid of a lamp 
  • Research for landowners 
  • Blood tracking with dogs
  • Erection of high seats and forest maintenance


  • Pen construction 
  • Planting game crops 
  • Planting hedgerows 
  • Construction of hides and shooting platforms 
  • Gun dog training 
  • Safety training 
  • Feeding birds

Horse Riding

  • Grooming – preparation prior to horse riding – in stable, field or paddock 
  • Leading to and from stable, field or paddock 
  • Tacking up and untacking 
  • Cooling the horse down after riding before returning to the field, stable or paddock


  • Search for lost or missing hounds 
  • Building cross country fences 
  • Preparing a drag hunt course
  • Clearing trails eg through woods
  • Showing hounds 
  • Working with hounds in the kennels 
  • Fixing of fences or any other remedial work on land after a hunt


  • River and riverbank clearing and maintenance
  • Bait digging