Group/Syndicate Members 

If your Group or Syndicate joins the Countryside Alliance or renews its membership, you will receive Public Liability insurance, up to a limit of indemnity of £10 million, covering a wide variety of legally recognised activities including projectile sports such as sporting and clay shooting, working with animals and birds such as falconry and hound trailing, angling (including sea, game and coarse) and voluntary and conservation work.

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Please note: The Public Liability protection specifically excludes all riding and equestrian activities.

If you are yet to renew your membership in 2024 please refer to the documents labelled as ‘2023’.

If you have joined as a new member since 01 January 2024 or have renewed your membership in 2024, please refer to documents labelled as ‘2024’.

Your Group or Syndicate will also receive Employers Liability protection if an employee, or anyone else providing "official assistance" is injured and takes legal action against you.

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This cover applies if you are taking part in any legally recognised activity or ancillary activity, including preparation, instruction, completion and taking down of equipment and amenities used in connection with a legally recognised or ancillary activity. 

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